Bethel Bible Series

Spirit of Hope is now a “Bethel Congregation”! This means that we have become part of a family of congregations around the world that offers the Bethel Bible Series (which we will just call Bethel) to its members and to our community. Our first two-year-long Bethel course will begin on September 13th and will be on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.

The Bethel Series will equip you to:

  • Comprehend the major themes that run
    throughout the Old and New Testaments by
    drawing together biblical stories and passages that
    otherwise seem disjointed.
  • Understand the radical differences between
    Hebrew thought and Western-thought that impact
    how we view the Bible and its content.
  • See the various parts of Biblical messages in direct
    relationship to its historical context.
  • Interpret Scriptures in its relationship to the whole
    of God’s revelation, and not in isolation.

Who should take the Bethel class? Everyone! Whether you are a new Christian or a theologian, whether you are new to Bethel or have taken the class before, God will use this time to draw you closer to him in profound ways.

Who will be teaching our first Bethel class? Bethel is taught by teachers who have not only gone through the Bethel class before but who embark on additional studies that equip them to teach the course. Spirit of Hope currently has four trained Bethel teachers: Wayne Schultz, Ken and Anne Carpenter, and Pastor Wendy.

The cost of the Bethel notebook (examples are on our information table) is $60 (checks payable to Spirit of Hope with “Adult Ed” in the memo line). Registration will begin this Sunday and will run throughout the month of August. Financial assistance is available, so please do not let the cost of the book deter you from participating. Couples are welcome to share a Bethel notebook and can each use a separate regular notebook for note-taking. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Pastor Wendy.